Nothing But Decks

Welcome to our website. Deck refinishing and repair are all about preserving the life and appearance of your deck.

The enemies of your deck are sun, water, heat/cold and quality of the deck construction. Sun, water, heat and cold damage your deck by breaking down the finish on your deck. If the finish has deteriorated, the damage may also spread to the wood fibers.

A well constructed and maintained deck should last 15-20 years in Colorado’s dry climate.


Deck Refinishing

There are several excellent stains for achieving the finish that you desire on your deck.

Staining your deck is preferable to painting because stains penetrate wood, unlike paints, which lay on the surface. Over time, paints tend to crack and peel as water gets between the paint and the wood fibers.

Additionally, stain is like sunblock for your wood; semi-transparent stains have a lower SPF while solid color stains have a higher SPF. The trade off between semi-transparent and solid colored stains is the beauty of the wood grain versus the longevity of the stain. We recommend re-staining your deck every 1 1/2 years with a semi-transparent stain and every 3 years with a solid color stain .


Deck Repair

Deck repair primarily consists of replacing any wood that splits, cracks or is consumed by dry rot. Any structural damage caused by dry rot must be replaced. Once dry rot starts, it will spread throughout a deck until the affected boards are removed and replaced.

Often heavy traffic on stairs can damage their structural integrity. Once a stair stringer is cracked or has pieces missing, the entire board needs to be replaced to restore the structural integrity.

Surface damage to wood is often a product of deck construction with wood that has an inferior wood grain. However, pets and hail are the most damaging forces to your wood. Sanding will remove much of this damage, and what can’t be sanded out can be replaced.